What is Aspire Accelerator?


Aspire Accelerator focused on providing full support for future leaders in the Balkans. Our main focus is creating an advanced startup ecosystem in the Balkan region that will put inspiring talent in the driver’s seat of their own success focusing on women entrepreneurship. Our main pillars include: entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, intermediary services and community development. Combined together, these services offer a complete package needed for every talent to achieve its full potential and develop their ideas from introduction phase to growth phase in the product life-cycle.

Our Vision

is to create a vibrant startup ecosystem in the Balkans that empowers future leaders to turn their innovative ideas into successful organizations and bring companies from the Balkans to be the next unicorns. We envision a region where entrepreneurship is celebrated, diversity is embraced, and collaboration is the norm. Through our comprehensive program, we aim to provide the resources, mentorship, and network necessary for every aspiring talent to realize their full potential and make a positive impact on the world. By supporting the next generation of talents, we hope to contribute to the growth and success of the regional startup scene and showcase the potential of the Balkans on a global scale.

Our Mission

Our Mission is transforming undiscovered talented individuals today to become the leaders’ of tomorrow.

We emphasize the role of the organization as a catalyst for change and a driver of regional economic growth. Through our entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, intermediary services and community development programs, we aim to create a thriving startup ecosystem in the Balkans. 

Our values

Take part in as

an Investor, Mentor or just be part of the community.

By joining our business accelerator as an investor, mentor, or community member, you’ll have the opportunity to shape the future of entrepreneurship, fuel innovative ideas, and help transform promising startups into successful businesses that make a real difference in the world.